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Congo African Grey Parrot

This site is about the 18 parrots that I currently share my life with and their stories. There are 4 Congo African Greys, 3 Timneh African Greys, 2 Senegals, 5 Cockatiels, 1 Love Bird and 2 Rose Breasted Cockatoo and 1parakeet. They are all in various stages of recovery from their behavioral issues. Most of their issues are of no fault of their own. Some were misunderstood by their previous owners or put in situations that brought out basic survival instincts. Some of my birds are phobic, some have aggression issues, others have feather destruction disorders. All of them have improved to some degree. Most will never be able to be placed in a "regular" homes. I am currently working on their individual pages so you can follow their progress and regressions. Please be patient because working with these birds takes a lot of time and I can only update this website in my spare time. Thank you for taking the time to visit and please stop back often to see the updates.
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Flock News!

We'd like to welcome our newest flock member Gabriel. Gabriel is a young Congo African Grey who was given to us because he was very ill with a bacterial infection. He was on antibiotics and homeopathic treatment for the infection. He was quarantined for several months before he could meet the flock. He is a feather picker and slightly phobic. We think due to the infection and having to be force fed medicine 6 times a day when he was so young. He is in the bird room now with the rest of the greys. Gabriel chooses not to interact with the other birds but will sit in his cage next to you and beg to be scratched on the head. He won't step up and scared of hands and towels, hates to be wet but loves his veggies and pellets. He spends his days, by his choice sitting in front of the window basking in the sun and watching the people go by on the sidewalk far below. Gabriel has celebrated his first birthday on March 15th, 2007. He is larger then the rest of the Congos here, weighing in at just over 500 grams.

We have had a tough summer and fall here. We lost Rudy one of our lovebirds to gout and kidney failure in July. Today, November 1st 2007, we lost his cage mate and best buddy Gympie a male parakeet. Gympie suffered with a cancerous tumor on his abdomen. Rudy and Gympie were both given up by a family that was moving back to Australia two years ago and couldn't take them with. Both the little guys will be terribly missed. Thanks you to Dr. Susan Horton for her wonderful care of both the little guys.

Click on the links below to view individual pages for each of my parrots.

Nuk - Congo African Grey Parrot
Ricco - Congo African Grey Parrot
Squeak - Timneh African Grey Parrot
Hanna - Congo African Grey Parrot
Lily - Timneh African Grey Parrot
Smokey - Timneh African Grey Parrot
Felixx - Senegal Parrot
Strawberry - Rose Breasted Cockatoo
Sunny - Wild Caught Senegal Parrot
Perl - White Faced Pearl Cockatiel
Ivy - White Faced Cockatiel
Earl - African Love Bird
Dusty - Cockatiel White Faced
Rue - Cockatiel White Faced

Without dreams, there is no beauty
Without questions, there is no hope
Without struggle, there is no reason
Without pain, there is no discovery
Without Love, there is nothing.

This site is dedicated to all the behaviorally challenged parrots that Michelle Karras has worked with at:
The Polite Parrot - Avian Behavior Consulting
and to all the rescue birds and Rich Weiner at:
A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife, Inc.

And last but not least, my husband Gary who has infinite patience with all my birds, and who bought me my first cockatiel, Perl.
My life has never been the same since she came into my life.

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